Monday, 2 April 2012

Visual Modelling Group @ Brighton

Just a quick plug for the Visual Modelling Group at the University of Brighton:

The group’s work focuses on visual languages, often developing tool support alongside defining their theoretical underpinnings.

One of the group's main strands of research is designing new diagrammatic logics that are appropriate for practical application. These logics have included spider diagrams, constraint diagrams and, most recently, concept diagrams. In all cases, these logics have formally defined syntax and semantics and we have developed inference rules that allow sound reasoning to be performed. The group has also established expressiveness, decidability and completeness results for some of these logics and their fragments.

In terms of tool support, the group has devised novel automatic drawing and layout techniques for Euler diagrams. These diagrams are commonly used for visualizing information concerning grouped data. Automated theorem provers have been implemented for Euler diagrams and spider diagrams.

And a link to an impressive set of papers on the subject:

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