Thursday, 30 April 2015

Automating Privacy Compliance

I was at the 2015 meeting of the UK Ontology Network in Leeds earlier this month where, amongst many, there was a presentation about a tool called Sparqlycode - which if you get the chance you must check out!

Anyway, Paul Worral of Interition Ltd wrote a very nice summary of my work:

Ian Oliver [Nokia Networks, Espoo, Finland] presented Ontologies for Privacy.  The whole idea behind Sparqlycode is to provide an information tier for software that enables it to be linked to knowledge about the business.  Ian's work is a perfect example of this. He demonstrates how high-level policies on Personally Identifiable Information should and can be directly related to the code responsible for adhering to them. Ian has authored a book on the subject, Privacy Engineering. I bought it and hope to have some examples of how it can be applied to Sparqlycode soon.

I look forward to seeing how this works out, but it certainly is in the direction of where I hoped. It'll be very interesting to see how this particular approach matches with a more data-flow based modelling approach.

At UKON2015 there was also an extremely interesting presentation about a tool called TawnyOWL for programmatically generating ontologies. Given that Clojure is my current language of choice this seems a perfect fit for the privacy ontologies themselves.

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