Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Privacy Engineer's Bookshelf

There's a huge amount of material about privacy, software engineering etc already existing. So what should every privacy engineer have at minimum on his or her bookshelf? Here are my suggestions (I might be biased in some cases) which I think everyone working privacy should know about.
The reasoning behind the above is that entering the privacy engineering field one needs a good cross section and balance of understanding the legal and ethical foundations of privacy (Nissenbaum, Solove) through the software engineering process (Dennedy et al) to the actual task of modelling and analysing the system (Oliver). Scheneier's book is included to provide a good perspective on the major protection technology of encryption.

Of course this does not preclude other material nor a thorough search through the privacy literature, conferences and academic publications.

To be a privacy engineer really does mean engineering and specifically system and software engineering skills.

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