Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Facebook and Twitter....instead....

It was one of those funnily serendipitous things that connect everything together...first of all it started "playing" with XPlane 10....a damned good (understatement!) simulator and I suppose the next best thing to actually owning your own aircraft or holding a pilots license...anyway, flying around with some VOR or VOR navigation I ended up in Shannon --- and yes, I did land the plane.

Then I started wondering what flies out of Shannon now - the Shannon Stop-Over has been gone a very long time - and so I ended up looking for the Shannon departures board. Noticing the BA001 and 003 flights there - London City to JFK via Shannon on the outbound leg on an Airbus A318, I was wondering what that service was like.

Read a few passenger reports and noticed a comment about it being like the Pan Am Lunar Shuttle inside - certainly the photos of the all business-class seating look like it.

Which brings me to a clip of the said Lunar Shuttle from Kubrik's 2001:

Which then got me thinking:

  1. The Blue Danube or more correctly An der schönen blauen Donau is a beautiful piece of music perfectly suited to a space docking
  2. Kubrik was a genius
  3. A.C. Clarke's 2001 is also a piece of genius
  4. We had vision in the 1960's of a future where space travel and space-stations might be common place
  5. We got Twitter and Facebook instead....
 ....which allows me to write about what we could have had instead of having it....

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