Wednesday, 8 June 2016

2nd IW5GS - Programme

The 2nd International Workshop on 5G Security


Xi'an, China

June 19, 2016

IW5GS-01: (June 19, 2016, Sunday, 10: 30 – 12:30, Room B)

Session Chair: Valtteri Niemi (Email:
Keynote 1: 5G Security for IoT
Speaker: Dr. Zhiyuan Hu, Nokia Shanghai Bell  (
Keynote 2: 5G Security: Forward Thinking
Speaker: Bo Zhang, Huawei (

IW5GS-02: (June 19, 2016, Sunday, 14: 00 – 16:30, Room B)

Session Chair: Siddharth Prakash Rao (; Ian Oliver (
Paper 1: Protecting IMSI and User Privacy in 5G Networks
Karl Norrman, Elena Dubrova, Mats Näslund
Paper 2: Privacy of the Long-Term Identities in Cellular Networks
Philip Ginzboorg, Valtteri Niemi
Paper 3: Error-Correcting Message Authentication for 5G
Elena Dubrova, Mats Näslund, Göran Selander, Karl Norrman
Paper 4: Privacy in LTE networks
Siddharth Prakash Rao, Bhanu Teja Kotte, Silke Holtmanns
Paper 5: A Survey on Software-Defined Networking Security
Shanshan Bian, Peng Zhang, Zheng Yan
Paper 6: Designing Hybrid Cloud Computing Framework using OpenStack for Supporting Multimedia with Security and Privacy
Isaac Cushman, Lei Chen, Danda B. Rawat, and Nhien-An Le-Khac

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