Saturday, 9 January 2016


First post of the year and a little look back in time.  I used the formal methods tools BToolkit from BCore extensively during my PhD studies back in the late 90s. BToolkit at the time had very nice animation capabilities that I was utilising in order to formalise parts of the UML and OCL languages.

Later on I got to work with AtelierB and Rodin (B#) for hardware-software co-design and mapping UML into B and then Bluespec - and then into SystemVerilog for hardware synthesis.

While formal methods and hardware were extremely fun, I got called away to work on something called the "Semantic Device" and moved heavily into some weird stuff called "The Semantic Web" - that's another story of course...

Anyway, BToolkit's source code is available on github and it compiles without problem under Ubuntu 15.04.

Here's a screenshot of a little piece of formal methods history:

BToolkit running under Ubuntu 15 on VirtualBox

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