Monday, 29 June 2015

UK Ontology Network 2015 Presentation

I really have been a bit lax here of late - not that I have little to write, but rather time (as always!) and the day job takes me away from privacy into new uncharted, more security research related areas - which I will admit is great fun!

Back in April I attending a fascinating little workshop run by the UK Ontology Network to talk about ontologies for privacy. What makes this workshop fun is the sheer amount of interaction between the participants: the distinction between presenter and audience is completely blurred. As a presenter you get a 5 minute slot then after a number of presenters on similar subjects, a 20 minute panel session where the audience really gets into the conversation.

I'm going to be unfair to all the presenters at UKON 2015 but I'm going to pick out a presentation by Adam Nogradi on Sparqlycode - a tool for semantically annotating source code and establishing compliance against, in this case, certain security guarantees. Of course, to move to a different area all you need is an ontology for your subject area, say, privacy, and you have a tool for privacy compliance...more on this later :-)

So here's my presentation based on the work in the book Privacy Engineering: A Dataflow and Ontological Approach.

And the book containing a much more detailed description can be bought from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles etc etc.

Amazon UK/EUAmazon UK/EU

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