Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Category Theory and the Meaning of Life

I was warned many years ago, by more than one person, that dabbling in the dark arts of category theory only leads to, well, becoming a category theorist...

OK, I admit it, I've been playing with Spivak's Ologs for a while on an actual problem and I particularly like the insights, or at least structure it gives to certain problems. A long while back we even attempted to use CT on a definition for what MDA is.

Coming back to the present and category theory itself, I'm of the opinion that topology or at least topological thinking provides a very neat way of conceptualising and understanding many problems. At the moment my work is certainly deeply grounded in metric spaces and the like.

Given all this foundational work and the fact that CT is proposed by some to be the "true" foundation for mathematics. Take a look at John Baez's work on mathematics and biology/ecology for example.

So I wasn't too surprised when Amazon's suggestion engine made the same conclusion. This can not be a coincidence can it? I mean I buy books on science and mathematics but this particular juxtaposition of suggestions must have a deeper Amazon sentient I wonder?

Does this mean we have a functor between CT and spirituality?

Is '42' an initial or terminal object?

Or is the a deeper meaning in this suggestion:

Maybe that's it...."Category Theory?"...RUN AWAY. SAVE YOURSELVES POOR MAMMALS!

Note: This post contained humour!!!