Friday, 11 July 2014

Privacy Engineering Book Update

Well it has been a while since I posted last and that's primarily because I've been making to push to finalise the book. I think it was Hemmingway that said that a book is never truly finished but reaches a state where it can be abandoned...

Well, this is very much the same. I'm happy with the draft, it contains the story I want to tell so far in as much detail I can put into it at the moment. This doesn't mean many chapters could have gone much further but there have to be compromises in content. If the book provides enough to tie these areas of ontology, data flow, requirements etc together and get the reader to a state where they can see that structure and use the references to move deeper into the subject, then this will have been a success.

I'll write more when I finally send the book for official publication next week.

But, what a journey...just like a PhD but without all the fun of being a student again :-)

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Ian Oliver said...

The book is now out and links to Amazon, Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace can be found here:

It is also possible to buy the Kindle version for 2.99USD by purchasing the paperback through the KindleMatch scheme.