Monday, 19 November 2012

Do Not Track and Beyond (W3C Workshop)

There's a workshop on Do Not Track organised by the W3C:

W3C Workshop: Do Not Track and Beyond  

26-27 November 2012


Out of the April 2011 W3C workshop on Web Tracking and User Privacy, W3C chartered its Tracking Protection Working Group, which commenced work in September. The Working Group has produced drafts of Do Not Track specifications, concurrent with various implementations in browsers and Web sites and along side heightened press and policymaker attention. Meanwhile, public concern over online privacy — be it tracking, online social networking or identity theft — remains. 

A large number of very interesting papers to be presented including one of mine based on earlier articles I have written here on a dystopian post-DNT future and the update to that.

Ian Oliver (2012)  An Advertisers Paradise: An Adventure in a Dystopian Post-“Do Not Track World”? W3C Workshop: Do Not Track and Beyond, 26-27 November 2012.


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