Saturday, 11 February 2012

Home cooking: aioli

There's something about home cooking, a few, simple ingredients that just beats even the best restaurants. Some of the best meals, if not, the best meals I've had have been home cooked.

So, in the spirit of the above, I decided to make some aioli today (done this before). Now, all an aioli is, is a mayonnaise made with garlic and maybe mustard as additional ingredients. Actually despite its reputation, a mayonnaise is actually quite simple to make - as long as you can whisk fast enough.

The surprising thing about good, home made mayonnaise, or aioli this case, is how different it tasted from anything is a bottle or jar, ie: mass manufactured. Rather than getting a sweet, white, runny sauce, you get a complicated, rich, yellow, fruity, peppery, spicy sauce with lingering and changing aftertastes - superb with pasta or fish.

My particular combination today: aioli made with, garlic, egg, olive oil, whole-grain dijon mustard and a touch of black pepper.

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