Friday, 15 January 2010

WHO to look into claims it exaggerated swine flu

Article from the Irish Times on Swine Flu:

A few interesting quotes from the article:

THE WORLD Health Organisation is to examine its handling of the swine flu pandemic after accusations that it exaggerated the dangers of the virus under pressure from drug companies.

Council of Europe parliamentarian Wolfgang Wodarg called for an inquiry into what he called a “false pandemic” and the way it was handled at national and European levels, claiming pressure from pharmaceutical firms.

The Council of Europe is to discuss the claim and whether drug companies influenced public health officials to spend money unnecessarily on stockpiles of H1N1 vaccines later this month.
Finland should take note, especially as they've just started to vaccinate everyone against a possible 3rd wave - not exactly sure when the 1st and 2nd came, nor do they have any records about whether anyone actually had swine flu because they never tested persons - just assumed.

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